Trust Us to Install a Durable, Long-Lasting Stainless Steel Chimney Liner in Your Indianapolis Home

Time for a new chimney liner? In Indianapolis, chimney relining services aren’t a job to trust just anyone with. These components play a vital part in your chimney’s anatomy and having one that’s poorly built or incorrectly installed will invite a long list of time-consuming, expensive, and potentially hazardous issues.

For quality fireplace and chimney relining care in Indianapolis that you can feel good about, hire our hard-working, educated crew for it all – we don’t stop until the job is done right.

The Function of Your Chimney Liner

Why is a properly fitted chimney or flue liner so essential for proper fireplace functioning?


Liners protect your chimney. Whether you have a masonry or a prefab chimney, a liner is required to keep it protected from the smoke and fumes that move up your flue. These gases and vapors can break things down in a hurry, leaving your system broken down and unsuitable for use. A liner prevents them from doing serious harm.


Liners protect your home and family. The more a chimney breaks down, the more likely things like chimney fires, house fires, carbon monoxide leaks, smoke backup, and more are bound to occur. A chimney that’s not lined properly is much more at risk of putting the house (and the people in it) in danger.

Liners heighten efficiency. Fireplaces improve ambiance and increase a home’s value, but only if they’re in good working condition. A chimney that’s unlined, ill-fitted, or damaged results in a fireplace that backdrafts, puts homeowners at risk, and doesn’t produce heat like it should – definitely something you want to avoid.

Stainless Steel Chimney Liner: Why It’s Superior

We promote stainless steel chimney liners for Indianapolis homes because we feel there isn’t a more durable and reliable material to use for your system. Not only is stainless steel long-lasting, but it’s compatible with all fuel types (making conversions a breeze, should you choose to switch fuels down the line), and they don’t corrode or rust.

Basically, if you invest in a stainless steel chimney liner for your Indianapolis home, you’ll be looking at years of safer and more dependable fireplace use. You’ll get the heat you deserve, without having to stress about breakdowns or hazards – that’s relief you can’t beat.

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Masonry repairs are just one of the the chimney and fireplace repairs we’re capable of, so relax…you’re in good hands.