Water Heater & Furnace Flues: Hire Our Techs for a Cleaning Today

Did you know your heating appliances, such as your water heater and furnace, also vent into a chimney? As sweeps, we take the health of all chimneys seriously. Unfortunately, these appliances – and their flues – are often overlooked by homeowners, which means appropriate care and maintenance doesn’t get scheduled.

The more your furnace flue and water heater flue are neglected, the more the safety and function of your home is compromised. Ask us about having these systems evaluated during your next service.

Why Is Water Heater & Furnace Chimney Cleaning Important?

So, what safety risks might you face if this care is neglected? Well, it’s the job of your furnace and water heater flues to transport hazardous gases to the outside of your home – namely carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is highly poisonous and can be fatal if too much exposure occurs. What’s especially concerning, though, is that this gas is both colorless and odorless, meaning detecting it is next to impossible. You have to pay close attention to potential symptoms – like dizziness, nausea, headaches, etc. – but even these can be misinterpreted as normal illnesses.

This is why taking appropriate measures, like installing carbon monoxide detectors and keeping your chimney flues clean, is such a must.

What to Expect From Us

Clean Sweep 317 will use video scanning equipment to get a thorough look inside your furnace or water heater flue, and we’ll do what’s necessary to get an in-depth look at it all, including (but not limited to) disconnecting your duct pipe, disconnecting components and rain caps, and performing draft tests.


We evaluate the following…

  • general condition of connector duct pipe
  • signs of backdraft and poor venting performance
  • evidence of water damage/intrusion
  • rise and run for connector duct pipe, as needed
  • clearances around duct pipe, as needed
  • condition of appliance chimney liner
  • condition of chimney

You’re in Good Hands With Us

When you hire our chimney technicians, you can rest easier knowing your system will be in the best hands possible. When it comes to chimney and venting care in the Indianapolis area, there’s no better crew to trust in than us.

Call 317-643-1128 or request an appointment online today.


Is your chimney liner in good shape? If not, you are at risk for chimney fires, carbon monoxide gas leaking into y0ur home, and more. Call our chimney and fireplace repair experts today