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This is the second time we have used Clean Sweep to clean our chimney. The knowledge and professionalism is much appreciated and led to us using them again. Definitely our “go to” contractor for chimney maintenance. Jake Hibbitt was through and explained the cleaning process to us and his associate.

Brian Vannoni

Winter has come to an end and the warm days of spring are here. And for many of us here in the Indianapolis area, this means clearing out your fireplace ash and shutting down your fireplace system for good until fall comes back around.

That said, don’t think this means fireplace maintenance can be put on the back burner. In fact, now is a great time to get your annual inspection booked. Now is the perfect time to get your chimney and fireplace inspected.

There are lots of reasons to get this maintenance done early – rather than wait until temps cool down again.

Easier Scheduling

Fall is known to be a busy time for sweeps as homeowners gear up for cold days and holiday gatherings.

This can make scheduling your inspection challenging, and if further repairs are in order? Well, that invites even more delays.

Booking now ensures you can easily book a date and time that’s good for your schedule.

Ample time for repairs

Repairs result in delays, which is something to avoid during a season when you want to be putting your fireplace to use. Book your chimney and fireplace safety inspection now, so we can take care of repairs during the spring and summer months, when your system isn’t being used.

This is the perfect time to get a remodel or rebuild scheduled too!

higher quality repairs

Sometimes cold weather days clash with our ability to get your repair work done as effectively and as timely as possible.

For instance, some of our materials need to cure in warmer weather conditions. And while we can get it all done in the winter, it may need some tune-up work sooner, rather than later.

Warm weather repair ensures the job gets done right the first time.

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Here’s the deal. There are some companies out there that will try to lure you in with free estimates and complicated jargon, but remember – estimates are not the same as actual inspections and anyone that’s actively trying to confuse you with fancy terms doesn’t have your best interests in mind.

We’re here to meet your needs and offer the personalized, high-quality level of care you deserve. Give us a call today to get your inspection on the books.

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