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Let’s be honest, you probably haven’t paid much attention to your chimney. Maybe you never had a reason to care. But now you’re here because it’s causing you problems. Bricks are cracking, water is getting inside, it smells, and frankly you’re worried you might burn the house down. Do any of these situations sound familiar? Chimneys are sophisticated structures, meaning there are several places things could go wrong. That’s where we can help you! Whether your chimney was brought to your attention by a home inspector or water intrusion, Clean Sweep 317 can help you navigate through the messiness.

Customer Education Process For Chimney Repair

We strongly value educating our customers. So while the needs of your smoke stack may seem overwhelming, Clean Sweep 317 eliminates worry by taking the time to educate you. Our simplified explanations of your needs accompanied with photos will eliminate concern and replace it with confidence.

Why We Are The Highest Rated Chimney Restoration Company In Indianapolis

Don’t take our word for it! Allow our FIVE STAR rated team of masons and chimney sweeps the opportunity to serve you today and see why we are the highest rated chimney restoration company in Indianapolis!


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  • It’s a pretty standard homeowner attitude to never pay much attention to your chimney. Sure, the fireplace can get some attention every now and then because it’s a great centerpiece, but the chimney never gives you any reason to care. We are your #1 resource for chimney services in Indianapolis, and the surrounding areas.

    So now that it’s starting to cause some problems, it’s also standard to let the professionals handle these issues. If you live in the Indianapolis area, and your chimney is leaking or the bricks are cracking, give us a call. Clean Sweep 317 is all about giving high quality service while educating our customers along the way. Just allow our FIVE STAR-rated team of masons and chimney sweeps to serve you today.

    We can help you navigate through the messiness. In fact, here are some of the chimney restoration services offered by Clean Sweep 317.

    Chimney Inspections

    A home inspector may have pointed it out, or maybe you simply noticed some leaking, but in either case you know there’s something wrong with your chimney. However, if you’re not sure exactly what is wrong with your chimney, Clean Sweep 317 can do a thorough inspection in order to pinpoint the problem.

    We do this so that our customers are not left in the dark about the issues of their chimney. This way, you’ll know exactly what needs to be fixed, and what we will do to fix it.

    An annual chimney inspection is recommended, even if you don’t notice any issues with your chimney.

    Chimney Sweeps

    Sometimes the problem is something serious, sometimes your chimney is really just dirty. Clean Sweep 317 can improve the quality of air in your home by getting rid of creosote and other harmful debris found in your chimney.

    You can enjoy your fireplace without worry if your chimney is free of debris.

    Exterior Cleanings

    The inside of your chimney can get really dirty—but who’s going to deal with the dirt outside? We can deal with that too. Pressure washing is often done to clean the exterior of chimneys, but this requires a lot of attention to detail. Most homeowners are too busy to give their chimneys that kind of attention, so Clean Sweep 317 covers exterior cleaning as well.

    Chimney Repair

    Look, maybe your chimney is just dirty. But sometimes, the problem is that your chimney needs a repair. Compared to other complex home features, the chimney is comparatively simpler. But there’s more in there than you may think.

    It has many different components from the chimney cap to the firebox. We will help you identify the problem, and repair it.

    Chimney Rebuilds

    Some chimneys are so far gone that a repair won’t do any good. After the initial inspection, our technicians may tell you that your chimney is better off being rebuilt. This is a more practical, long term approach, especially if your chimney is particularly old or worn out.

    Some chimneys need brick repair or have simply deteriorated beyond repair. Rebuilding it is the best option, moving forward. In the long run, rebuilding can actually be cheaper than repairing every issue you might have with a deteriorated chimney.

    Clean Sweep 317 will make sure you get the best value for your money.


    Chimneys are exposed to severe weather more than any other part of your home. You can protect it from serious damage by anticipating the problem and having it waterproofed. Water penetration accelerates deterioration.

    Clean Sweep 317 can help prevent problems ranging from small leaks to damage caused by heavy rains.

    Water intrusion of any sort can be very frustrating to deal with. Allow us to fortify your chimney’s defenses, so that you can save it from expensive repairs.

    Chimney Rain Caps

    The chimney rain cap plays an important role in the entire system. They are often made of metal, copper, or stainless steel. They protect the chimney’s flue from water, downdrafts, and even small animals that try to get in.

    In fact, leaving that area unprotected is like leaving a window open on top of your home. And it’s not Santa who will be dropping down from there.

    Unpleasant smells can also form due to mold growth, animal nesting, or water retention.

    Clean Sweep 317 helps with installation and repair, so that all those pesky raccoons and squirrels won’t make their nests in your unprotected chimney cap. The chimney cap also prevents sparks from landing on your roof—which, as we all know could lead to a serious house fire.

    Chimney Liners

    The chimney liner serves three main functions: it protects the house from heat transfer, it protects masonry from corrosive byproducts, and it provides correctly sized flue for optimum appliance efficiency.

    There are three main types of chimney liners: clay tiles, metal liners, and cast-in-place chimney liners. They have different advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll make sure you get to pick which one is most suitable for your home.

    Chase Covers

    Chase covers serve as external top coverings for brick chimneys. Like chimney liners, there are different choices of materials for chase covers. Copper, aluminum, and stainless steel are among the top choices because of their durability.

    Clean Sweep 317 can help you replace your current chase cover with the right material for your fireplace’s needs.

    Concrete Crowns

    The chimney crown plays a vital role in the protection of your fireplace, and the chimney itself. It is also known as the chimney cap, or the top plate. Sometimes severe weather can wear it down, causing it to crack.

    If the chimney crown is easy to damage, then it was probably constructed poorly from the start. We can repair or replace it with something more durable, so that it can withstand temperature changes and weather conditions.

    Smoke Chamber Parges

    Compared to all of the components we’ve mentioned so far, the chimney’s smoke chamber is the most commonly repaired. Specifically, parging is one of the most common repair procedures clients seek out. Parging is a coating of mortar that is applied to the brick, so that the smoke chamber can get a smoother surface.

    Improperly designed smoke chambers can cause a number of problems—we’ll help you avoid them.

    Contact Clean Sweep 317 and see how we can help you today!


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