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A chimney liner is used to carry the byproducts of combustion (smoke, fuels, carbon monoxide, heat, etc.) from your fireplace, through the chimney and out of your home.  On many older homes, this liner is made up of several two-foot long clay terra-cotta tiles.  These tiles can crack and deteriorate in time, especially if the chimney is not properly maintained and protected.  Its not uncommon to find gapping between these tiles due to shifting or from poor installation by the masons.  If your liner contains any of these symptoms, smoke, fuel, and even carbon monoxide could get behind the walls of your home, in your attic, or down another flue (commonly seen in homes with a basement fireplace).  Worse case scenarios could lead to a chimney fire.

Install Stainless Steel Liners Down The Clay Liner

One of the best ways to remedy a damaged or defective chimney liner is to install our stainless steel M-FLEX liner right down the existing clay liner.  This provides the fireplace with one continuous piece of material to vent through instead of several two-foot long clay sections where gaps and cracks may exist.  Our liners are insulated and come with a limited lifetime warranty. While some may try and cut corners we follow all requirements for chimney liner installation including proper sizing and parging the smoke chamber.

Stainless steel liners must also be attached to stoves and fireplace inserts.  You could be putting your home at serious risk otherwise.

Chimney Inspections Near Me: Do You Need A New Chimney Liner?

If you’re unsure of the condition of your chimney liner or just in need of some answers before burning, please schedule an inspection with one of our chimney sweeps.  We will take the time educate you on whether or not a fireplace liner is right for you

Now, allow our FIVE STAR rated team of chimney experts the opportunity to serve you today and see why we are the highest rated chimney restoration company in the Midwest!

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