Chimney Rain Caps

Rain caps serve as the main line of defense for keeping rain and animals out of your chimney. Yet, so many chimneys don’t have them!¬†There is no good reason why every chimney shouldn’t be equipped with one. A small rain cap can save you thousands of dollars in big repairs.

Rain caps serve another important function. They keep dangerous embers from flying out onto your roof. Never settle for a DIY option for a rain cap. All rain caps are to be equipped with a screen that will catch hot embers without restricting airflow.

You should have a chimney professional install your rain cap. Because they mount to the top of your chimney liner, they sit higher than any other part of the chimney. This means install heights could be up to 50 feet or more! That’s not something to be messed with.

Faulty installs often lead to a blown off rain cap in high winds. This is another reason why you should let a chimney professional install it for you. A certified chimney sweep can properly secure your rain cap to prevent it from dangerously blowing off your chimney. If you are a victim of a blown off rain cap, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We want to assure you that this issue won’t reoccur.

If you are unsure on the condition of your rain cap or if you even have one, we recommend scheduling a chimney inspection right away. One of our technicians can educate you on the condition of your rain cap and provide you with a new one if necessary.

We Like Options 

Like our chase covers, our rain caps come in stainless steel or copper. Each rain cap comes with a lifetime warranty and can be powder coated to match a certain look on your home. We have a wide range of powder coating colors to meet your need.

We Value Quality

Stay away from galvanized steel caps or flimsy DIY aluminum caps which rust and rob you of time and money. We believe in providing you with products that will stand the test of time. Our stainless steel rain caps will do just that.

Now, allow our FIVE STAR rated team of chimney experts the opportunity to serve you today and see why we are the highest rated chimney restoration company in the Midwest!

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