Sometimes Starting Over With a New Chimney is Best

Indiana weather is a perfect ingredient for chimney deterioration.  Over time, through freezing winters and rainy springs, your chimney will take a beating.  And unless your preventive maintenance game is strong, chances are, your chimney is leaking.  But most of us never pay attention to our chimney until it gets our attention, and at that point, enough damage has occurred the doctor prescribes a rebuild.

Mortar, Joint Style and Masonry Features:What To Watch Out For

We pay attention to detail.  Your brick match, mortar match, joint style, and special masonry features are just a few of the many things we pay attention to.  We recognize your chimney is an important part of your home that should enhance its beauty and value.

We value quality.  That means providing you with a product you pay for once and never have to revisit.  Some companies will try to avoid this approach by selling you a “patch job”.  While there is a time for this, we cannot stress to you the importance of doing things right when it comes to masonry.  Avoid estimates that include “calking”, “coating”, or “patching” as repair methods.  This will just cost you more money and frustration down the road.

We value educating our customers.  So while the needs of your chimney may seem overwhelming, Clean Sweep 317 eliminates worry by taking the time to educate you.  Our simplified explanations of your chimney needs will eliminate fears and replace them with confidence.

Now, allow our FIVE STAR rated team of masons the opportunity to serve you today and see why we are the highest rated chimney restoration company in the Midwest!

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