Keeping it clean since 2014

“Humble beginnings” is how Sam describes Clean Sweep 317’s establishment in June of 2014.  “I had nothing but a ladder and a few brushes in the back of my mini-van.”  Through hard work and dedication, now Clean Sweep 317 ranks as the highest and most rated chimney company in the Midwest (on Google).  We take pride in our customer satisfaction, and believe our emphasis on quality work and passion for serving others sets us apart.

Clean Sweep 317 is a locally owned chimney and masonry restoration company built by the referral and five-star reviews of our customers.  We service Indianapolis and its surrounding cities including Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville, Westfield, Avon, Brownsburg, and Greenwood.  For our friends outside a 25 mile radius of our office, please contact us for information on serving your area.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build better chimneys, memories, and people. We accomplish this by improving the lives, skills and leadership abilities of our team. This in turn equips us to serve you with excellence.

Our Values

Help Other’s Succeed

We believe that winning is bigger than the success of an individual. Each team member is vital to the overall success of the organization. The saying, “it’s not my job” doesn’t exist here. Winning looks like everyone sharing in a successful outcome, including our customer. Who wants to be part of a team where everyone is only worried about themselves? Is that even a team?

Hustle, Never Settle

We believe complacency kills. Celebrate the success of a good day, but don’t stop there. The moment you start to get “comfortable” is the moment weakness begins to creep in. We believe you are at your best when you are pushing to be better!

Take Ownership

We believe a culture of finger pointing gets nothing accomplished. Only a team of individuals who take ownership of circumstances will build trust with one another and their customers. The “blame game” has no place here.

Positive Attitude

We believe having a positive attitude is a choice. Nobody wants to be around a complainer or moper. The days has enough “gloom” to offer. Brighten it with a positive attitude.

Persevere the Pain

We believe the prize waits for the one who finishes the race and doesn’t give up. Working in the trades can be challenging. It takes grit and resilience. But there is always something rewarding on the other side of that hard work. Don’t give up.

Never Stop Learning

We believe there is always something new to learn. If you think you know it all, you’re in for a rude awakening. Stay humble and recognize there is always room for improvement.

Be Excellent

We aren’t perfect, but we can be excellent. We believe we should bring our best, in all that we do, with excellence as the standard of our service and workmanship.

Bleed Purple

We believe if you’re bleeding any other color, you’re in the wrong place.


Our Method

All inspections are accompanied with photos, via an iPad, so any damage can be documented and presented with honesty.  We encourage you to stay away from companies still using the “pen and paper method” forcing you to take their word and trust their skimpy drawing of your chimney. From chimney sweeps, repairs, and restorations, to brick and mortar expertise in the Indianapolis metro area, Clean Sweep 317 will leave your home cleaner and safer than before while preserving its integrity and beauty. Schedule your appointment with us today to keep your home protected, clean, and beautiful.

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