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Warm, cozy, bright, and homey are all words that should come to mind when thinking of your fireplace. Unfortunately, for some folks it’s more like smelly, smokey, dirty, moldy, and wet.  Do these words describe your fireplace more closely?  The fireplace should be an attractive feature of your home, yet it can be a real turnoff if not properly maintained or updated.

Your safety is everything.  It’s not uncommon for us to receive calls from people who are fearful of using their fireplace. Burning safely in your fireplace is a valid concern and should be taken seriously. Whether it came up on an inspection report, or your own common sense told you, it is essential to have your fireplace inspected by one of our trained chimney sweeps to ensure your safety.

We value educating our customers.  So while the needs of your fireplace may seem overwhelming, Clean Sweep 317 eliminates stress by taking the time to educate you.  Our simplified explanations of your fireplace needs will remove your worries and replace them with confidence.

Now, allow our FIVE STAR rated team of chimney sweeps and masons the opportunity to serve you with excellence and see why we are the highest rated chimney restoration company in the Midwest!


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