If you’ve got a fireplace, you know that you can use it to generate heat in your home or business. But did you know that there are several approaches that you can take to get more heat from your fireplace? Here are some fireplace heating efficiency hacks that Indianapolis homeowners should consider.

Heating Efficiency Hacks: How to Get the Most from Your Fireplace


Use Dry, Well-Seasoned Firewood

Green wood not only has too much moisture to burn effectively, but it also causes your fire to burn at a lower temperature as it struggles to burn off excess moisture. This causes smoke and excess creosote to build up in your chimney.

Go with Hardwood

Hardwood has more density than softwood, hence its name. By burning hardwood, you’ll get more heat out of less wood, making it easier to heat your home. For a very hot fire, go with a dense wood, such as hickory or oak.

Keep Your Chimney Clean

A clean chimney allows it to draft properly, moving the air to the fire that it needs, and the smoke up the chimney and away from the source of combustion. This allows your fire to burn cleanly and with more heat.

Open the Damper

If your fireplace has a damper, make sure to open it up fully so that fresh air can reach the fire and keep it burning efficiently and effectively. Lack of air makes it harder for the fire to burn effectively, so proper ventilation is vital!

Provide Ventilation

Speaking of proper ventilation, what about the air that needs to move from your home to the fire to allow it to burn? Many modern homes are tightly sealed, so you may need to provide a vent from the front of your fireplace into a basement or crawl space to provide sufficient airflow.

By having a better understanding of what your fireplace needs to operate effectively and efficiently, you can get more heat out of it on a cold winter’s night. If you need to have your fireplace and chimney checked out, the experienced professionals at Clean Sweep 317 are ready to help. Please feel free to contact our Indianapolis team for fireplace heating efficiency hacks, tips, and the most trusted local fireplace services in the area.