Why Get Your Chimney Cleaned? Avoid Chimney Fires & More

Yes, Indianapolis chimney sweeps still exist!  And it’s a good thing we do, because every time you burn, a dangerous material called “creosote” slowly builds up in your chimney.  Creosote is flammable, and given the right conditions it could ignite!  Even worse, if your chimney has holes and cracks in it, where do you think all that smoke will go?  Just know that a reported 42% of house fires are do to chimney and fireplace accidents.  Clean Sweep 317 can help keep your home on the good side of that percentage through our chimney sweeping service.

Did a home inspection report lead you here?  Are you selling your home?  No problem!  Our technicians are experienced in working with relators and getting you that last-minute estimate.

Why Use Clean Sweep 317 Chimney Sweeps?

Because of where we place our values.  We go beyond the expected qualifications and instead focus on what really matters most to you: YOUR EXPERIENCE.  We listen to our customers and are always asking, “how could we have served you better?”  Our entire Clean Sweep 317 staff must uphold our Five-Star reputation and leadership training.  This is what we call “bleeding purple”.

Clean Sweep 317: Our Mission

Our mission is to “serve customers with excellence both on and off the roof”.  Providing a courtesy call, showing up on time, wearing shoe covers, and protecting your floor are just a few ways we aim to serve you.  Our chimney sweeps will always arrive in uniform, so you can be confident of who is at your door.  Most importantly, we will take the time to educate you on your chimney system and how to operate your fireplace safely.

Below is what to expect from your chimney sweep appointment:

  1. A courtesy call from technician 30min in advance
  2. On time arrival to appointment
  3. A friendly greeting from your technician in uniform
  4. Use of gloves and shoe covers when entering your home
  5. Initial examination of firebox and workspace.
  6. Relocating of furniture and fragile items
  7. Tarping off of workspace area
  8. Performance of chimney sweep
  9. Communication of cleaning results
  10. Rooftop inspection of chimney
  11. Providing eduction on your chimney system
  12. On-site provision of estimate (if needed)



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