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Broken brick, cracked stone, and missing mortar are common descriptions we hear from customers needing masonry work. We specialize in chimney and masonry restoration, but our experienced masons are always ready to tackle your unique project. Whether it be a paver patio, outdoor fireplace, designer wall or a portion of your home, let us do the heavy lifting and dirty work while you enjoy watching it all come together.

We value quality workmanship and results that are both beautiful and will withstand the test of time. At Clean Sweep 317, we have a standard for ourselves that is held accountable by this question, “can you put your name on it?”. That means every project passes through a quality filter that determines if it has been done with excellence. If we are ashamed to say we did a particular project, then the project isn’t finished. We’ve learned the only way we can truly provide you with excellence is if we first demand it of ourselves.

We value educating our customers. So while your masonry needs may seem overwhelming, Clean Sweep 317 eliminates stress by taking the time to educate you. Our easy to understand explanations of your masonry needs will remove your worries and replace them with confidence.

Now, allow our FIVE-STAR rated team of masons and technicians the opportunity to serve you with excellence.


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Masonry Service

When people come looking for a company to provide masonry work, it’s often because of missing mortar, cracked stone, and broken bricks. Of course, these are only some of the most common problems they have. Masonry is a broad term, and therefore it can cover a lot of different things.

Clean Sweep 317 specializes in chimney and masonry restoration. We are always ready to take on any project, no matter how unique. Whether it’s a paver patio, an outdoor fireplace, a designer wall, or a portion of your home, we can do all the dirty work for you.

You can enjoy watching and learning while our FIVE STAR rated team members do all the heavy lifting.

When it comes to service, we value high quality workmanship that delivers great results. Our masonry work will not only look beautiful, but will also withstand the test of time. Here at Clean Sweep 317, we have set a standard for ourselves that hold us accountable by the question: “can you put your name on it?”

This means every project passes through a quality filter that helps us determine if our work was done with excellence or not. We know that the only way to provide excellent service is to first demand it of ourselves.

And while your masonry needs may seem overwhelming, we got you covered. Clean Sweep 317 eliminates stress by taking the time to educate you on the entire process. We provide easy to understand explanations of your masonry needs.

Here are some of the masonry services we offer.

Masonry Inspection

Masonry is sometimes mistaken for structures made out of bricks—but that’s not the only material that can be used for it. Marble, granite, limestone, concrete blocks, glass blocks, etc, can be used for building structures. These materials are bound by mortar.

Over time, both the material and the mortar can be damaged by the elements that come into contact with it. And so it is important to have it checked every now and then for possible signs of wear and tear. Our team of experts will conduct an inspection to see if there are signs of deterioration, or if anything needs to be repaired.

If you contact us with a particular concern in mind, we will conduct an inspection in order to show you what the problem is, and how we’re going to fix it.

Mortar Repair

Though masonry is generally considered a durable form of construction, it is not indestructible. It can get damaged after years of exposure to weather conditions. Even the most beautiful brickwork can crumble after years of service.

If the mortar that seals it together starts cracking or receding, the entire structure can be damaged. Clean Sweep 317 can chisel out the old stuff and reapply the mortar in a process called repointing. We make it a point to be extra careful when handling these delicate structures so that no further damage will be caused.

Brick Repair

Sometimes the bricks themselves can crack. This is especially true for much older homes. The brick exterior can look distinct and beautiful, but even that can be ruined by a few cracks. We will provide brick repair in order to keep the structure secure. This way, the home’s “personality” can be maintained.

Stone Repair

Just like bricks, stones can also break over time. Stone restoration happens to be a very delicate procedure—there’s no room for mistakes, and so we won’t make any. Whether it’s brick or stone, we will provide efficient masonry repairs to improve the quality of your outdoor living.

Projects can range from small, simple cracks, to complicated, large scale repairs. Clean Sweep 317 is equipped with the right resources to restore most kinds of material.

Masonry Cleaning

Masonry is a durable form of construction, and it also happens to be eye-catching. But it won’t be so appealing if it’s covered in soot, mold, fungi, oils, mineral residue, and paint.

If these unsightly marks are stressing you out, let us handle the cleaning process! Soon that brickwork will be good as new.

Patio and Step Repair

While we specialize in chimney repair, we also offer patio and step repair, for those stains that you can’t brush off with soapy water. If your patio covers a particularly large area, you’re going to need our help.

We’ll repair the cracks on those steps to make sure it’s safe to step on, even when your kids are running around recklessly. And of course, we’ll make sure the whole thing is spotless afterwards. Our name is Clean Sweep 317, after all.


Brick, stone, and concrete surfaces are particularly vulnerable to the various changes in weather conditions. Exposure to water can speed up the deterioration of these materials. Moisture can be quite damaging. It will affect your masonry, sooner or later.

Waterproofing is the best solution we can offer. This will reduce or even prevent the impact of moisture on the structures, so that you can enjoy them for longer.

Decorative Veneers

Your exterior home quality should be just as good as it is on the inside. If your masonry is fine and it’s the aesthetic quality you’re looking to improve, then our decorative veneers service may be perfect for you. Masonry veneer walls can add insulation, allowing the wall to handle heat more efficiently. But if you simply want a decorative veneer to improve the look of your chimney or any other masonry, contact Clean Sweep 317 today and we’ll offer you a wide range of options to choose from.

New Construction

It’s hard to clean or repair something that’s completely non-existent. If you need to start from scratch, we also offer masonry construction services for your chimney, your patio, or any other part of your home.

Just tell us what needs to be done, and our team of experts will be on it right away. When it comes to work, we make sure our customers are not left in the dark. This means we can walk you through the whole process, and tell you what we’re going to do in order to achieve the design or functionality you want, based on what your space allows and what your home needs.

Interested in our restoration projects? Want to learn more about residential masonry and home repairs? Contact Clean Sweep 317 today and talk to us about the masonry project or home improvement project you have in mind!

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