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Broken brick, cracked stone, and missing mortar are common descriptions we hear from customers needing masonry work. We specialize in chimney and masonry restoration, but our experienced masons are always ready to tackle your unique project. Whether it be a paver patio, outdoor fireplace, designer wall or a portion of your home, let us do the heavy lifting and dirty work while you enjoy watching it all come together.

We value quality workmanship and results that are both beautiful and will withstand the test of time. At Clean Sweep 317, we have a standard for ourselves that is held accountable by this question, “can you put your name on it?”. That means every project passes through a quality filter that determines if it has been done with excellence. If we are ashamed to say we did a particular project, then the project isn’t finished. We’ve learned the only way we can truly provide you with excellence is if we first demand it of ourselves.

We value educating our customers. So while your masonry needs may seem overwhelming, Clean Sweep 317 eliminates stress by taking the time to educate you. Our easy to understand explanations of your masonry needs will remove your worries and replace them with confidence.

Now, allow our FIVE-STAR rated team of masons and technicians the opportunity to serve you with excellence.


Mortar Repair

Brick Repair

Stone Repair

Masonry Cleaning

Patio and Step Repair

chimney water proofing


Decorative Veneers

New Construction


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