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Meridian Hills Patio Repair

Running alongside the White River, the prestigious area of Meridian Hills is known for its wooded streets, rolling hills, and old mansions providing shelter for the wealthy and upper-middle class.  We are familiar with customer’s concerns of maintaining an “aged look” and not compromising the home’s original character.  So we created techniques and processes to make sure we do just that, like in this blue stone patio repair.

We were asked to come inspect a blue stone patio and some other areas where damaged masonry was noticed around the home.  The customer pointed out to us where stones had “popped loose” and were now serving as a trip hazard.  All throughout the patio, mortar between the stone was either cracked or missing.  Knowing tuck-pointing alone wouldn’t remedy the problem, we decided to reset a large portion of the blue stone.

In addition to the stone, severe damage was found on our customer’s brick patio which ran alongside the back porch.  Brick replacement and tuck-pointing were needed due to brick that had detached from the corner of the patio and a large count of damaged mortar joints.

Before the patio repair work started, we took extensive measures to protect the home from dust entering by applying plastic to all the doorways and windows.  We made sure furniture and valuables were removed from the work space.  Even the pool was covered with a large plastic tarp to prevent dust from settling on the expensive mechanical cover. We then proceeded to remove the loose masonry, grind out the mortar joints, and replace damaged units with new.

Our efforts in maintaining the original look of the patio were successful.  Our mortar choice matched perfectly and played a major role in a beautiful patio repair. Take a look at some of the before and after photos below.


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