Chimney & Fireplace Repair Services for Indianapolis, Fishers & Beyond

When you think of the ideal fireplace setup, what words come to mind? Maybe warm, cozy, bright, homey, relaxing…

Now, what words come to mind when you think of your fireplace? If things like smelly, smoky, leaky, cracked, dirty, moldy, and similar terms come to mind, then it’s time you invest in some quality chimney and fireplace repair services from Indianapolis’ most reliable team of experts – the crew at Clean Sweeps 317.

Our goal is to ensure your fireplace is an attractive focal point in your home – not an eyesore that will bring down its value. Rely on us for all of your chimney and fireplace repair and maintenance services. We serve Fishers, Indianapolis, and all of their surrounding areas.

Why Is My Fireplace Not Drawing Well?

There are actually lots of reasons this might be occurring… It could be due to issues with the chimney, such as blockages or insufficient height, and it could also be related to problems with the damper or flue. Or maybe there’s some other hidden issues occurring that we need to get to the bottom of.

The most important thing? Calling us in at the first sign of trouble. The sooner we can assess the chimney and locate any potential threats or issues, the better off you’ll be. There’s really no way to get to the bottom of it until a professional can take a careful look over it all. Fortunately for those in Fishers, Zionsville, and more, we’re the best team to trust with your concerns.

Can a Cracked or Damaged Chimney Liner Be Repaired?

Definitely! When you work with our team, there’s no chimney problem too big. Now, in some cases, minor cracks can be repaired quickly, but significant damage may require a full liner replacement. Either way, we have the tools, training, and expert knowledge to get you where you need to be. A professional inspection will help determine the best course of action, so book with us now to get started.

What Should I Do if I Smell Gas When I Use the Fireplace?

First things first… turn it off! Gas leaks are a serious safety concern. If you smell gas, stop using the fireplace immediately, ventilate the area, reach out to appropriate authorities (like your gas company or the fire department), and then contact a professional sweep for inspection and repair.

Our Chimney & Fireplace Repair Services Have Got You Covered

We offer a long list of quality repair services, ensuring you’re covered no matter what state your chimney or fireplace is in.

Chimney Relining

An unlined or improperly lined chimney is a huge hazard. Using your chimney when the liner is missing or broken down could result in gas leaks, house fires, home and chimney damage, and more. Count on us to install your new stainless steel chimney liner before burning your next fire.

Masonry Repairs

We specialize in chimney and masonry restoration, and our experienced masons are ready to tackle your unique project. Whether it be a new patio, a chimney rebuild, tuckpointing services, a wall redesign, or something else, we’d love to do the heavy lifting and dirty work – while you simply enjoy watching it all come together.

Chimney Leak Repair

Water is one of the biggest threats your chimney can come across. Unfortunately, avoiding all contact with rain, snow, sleet, and ice isn’t really an option. That’s where our leak repair and preventive maintenance services come in. Count on us for chimney flashing repair, chimney cap installation, chase cover installation, crown repairs, and water repellent application.

Smoke Chamber Parging

Smoke chamber parging guarantees a smoother route for smoke and other fumes as they travel from your firebox up to your chimney. If your smoke chamber is damaged, corbeled, or bumpy, smoke could get caught up, hindering airflow, triggering backdrafts, and encouraging harmful buildup.

Draft/Venting Troubleshooting

Experiencing smoke in your living room and aren’t sure why? Truth is, there are lots of reasons smoke may have trouble moving effectively up your flue. Some fixes are easy (like opening the damper you accidentally left shut), while others may require some masonry repairs, replacement parts, or rebuilds. No matter what, we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Chimney Rebuilds & New Construction

Over time, and through freezing winters and rainy springs, your chimney goes through a lot. The sad fact is that most homeowners don’t pay attention to their chimney until it gets their attention by working inefficiently. And at that point, enough damage has likely occurred that a rebuild will be in order. If this is the boat you’ve found yourself in, we can help.

Prefabricated Fireplace Repair

Prefabricated fireplaces have lots of advantages and are known for their heightened efficiency levels, but this doesn’t mean they’re immune to damage. If you need a new chase cover, some replacement refractory panels installed, or your entire system replaced or changed out, we’re the team to call on.

Water Heater & Furnace Venting

The chimney fs connected to your furnace and/or water heater also need care and maintenance. Unfortunately, most folks hardly give these systems a second thought until damages become big, obvious, and expensive to address. Avoid the hassle by investing in regular chimney maintenance from us.

What Causes Chimney Damage?

  • Neglect or lack of professional maintenance
  • Failure to book chimney inspections every year
  • Lack of proper components (think chimney caps, proper liners, etc.)
  • Severe weather and water damage
  • Age and time – natural wear and tear
  • Animal tampering

The good news? Almost all of these issues can be avoided by booking regular inspections and scheduling chimney repairs promptly with a team of experienced chimney technicians.

Set Up Your Appointment With Us Today

Setting an appointment with us is easy. Simply give us a call at 317-643-1128 or you can request an appointment online and we’ll get back to you soon. Not sure where you stand? Ask about getting a chimney inspection booked, so we can look things over.

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