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The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has made it clear that annual inspections are essential for maintaining a safer, healthier, and cleaner appliance over time.
That said, remembering to book these appointments before each burning is easier said than done. If you’re like most, you don’t think about your fireplace until temps drop each fall. By then, most sweeps are well into their busy season, which means you could be waiting quite a while before that much-needed overview.

Because of this we’ve created the 317 Membership Program, which includes automatic scheduling for these annual services, as well as discounts – empowering you to both ease stress and save money while you’re at it.

What Does the Annual Service Include?

If you own a fireplace (gas or wood):

  • chimney sweeping
  • level 1 inspection
  • updated warranty card(s)
  • pilot light and ignition test*
  • burner performance evaluation*
  • log adjustment for optimal performance*
  • media replacement at a discounted rate*

*only applicable for gas logs

If you own a hearth appliance (ventless gas logs and gas inserts):

  • system check and evaluation
  • carbon monoxide test
  • pilot light and ignition test
  • battery replacement
  • cleaning of logs & burner ports
  • glass cleaning (for gas inserts only)
  • adding new coal wool, as needed

Perks of Membership

Your rates stay locked in. As long as you maintain your membership, your rate for sweepings and inspections will be locked in – even as our prices increase.

You maintain your warranties. To maintain your warranty on a new unit, servicing every year is a requirement. A membership with us means you won’t miss your annual check-up.

Your appointments are auto-scheduled. Take one more thing off your to-do list. We handle it all when it comes to scheduling, even reaching out to you when it’s time to get your inspection booked. No need to contact us at all.

You get significant savings. Along with locked-in rates, you also get significant discounts on any further repairs or maintenance. This includes:

  • 5% off recommended maintenance services
  • 5% off masonry-related repairs (up to $250)
  • 5% off new gas logs
  • 30% off gas log refreshment services

Reach Out – We’d Love to Hear From You

Ready to get signed up? Sign up at the form below or give us a call at 317-643-1128. If you have any questions about the program or anything else, we’re here to help!

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Terms of Membership

Membership is renewed on an annual basis and must be paid for in advance to the service. Payment for Membership is non-refundable unless requested within 24 hours of purchase. Pricing for Membership is subject to change unless Membership is maintained annually. Failure to maintain Membership may result in a price increase the next time Membership is purchased. Auto renewal may be requested.

Once payment for membership has been received, Clean Sweep 317 shall confirm a service date with the Member. Service must be fulfilled no later than August 31st of the next calendar year. Membership shall not be redeemed during the months of September through February. Member shall pay the difference of the most current service price and membership if service is demanded during the months of September through February. No refund or credit will be provided if member fails to use membership within the required timeframe.

Members who move to a new dwelling, prior to redeeming the service, the cost of their membership shall be credited toward a Chimney Safety Inspection at the new dwelling.