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Every chimney needs a chimney cap to help it stay in good condition. And if the cap isn’t built to withstand rains, harsh winds, curious (and determined) woodland critters, and the like, then it’s not likely going to last long – and neither is the chimney.

Fortunately, our Indianapolis chimney cap replacement team installs quality products that last through it all.

Chimney Rain Caps

Qualities of a Reliable Chimney Cap

A chimney cap that’s built right and properly fitted will stop animals, leaves, twigs, debris, and water from entering, while also working to prevent downdrafts.

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It should be built from the right materials. Some chimney caps are made from weaker metals and, while the price point of these may be more appealing, they won’t actually offer long-lasting protection. You’ll need to replace it more often, and your chimney will be more prone to damage too.

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It should be built to direct water away. A cap that allows water to pool up and settle isn’t going to last long. Before long, you will need the help of our chimney cap replacement and repair experts in Indianapolis. With a faulty cap, ​rust will form, which will eventually lead to cracks, holes, and deterioration.

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It should be sized appropriately. If the cap isn’t professionally and properly sized to the flue, damage and buildup is bound to occur. And addressing repairs related to these issues can get expensive fast.

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It should be professionally fitted. A cap – even a quality-constructed one – that isn’t installed by a certified chimney expert will not likely offer the protection you’re hoping for. Even a minor mistake can invite in water and debris. Before long, you will need the services of our chimney cap repair and replacement technicians, as both the cap and the chimney will begin to break down.

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Whether you have a masonry chimney or a prefab unit, a new chase chimney cover for your Indianapolis home may be what’s needed to fix your leaky chimney.