Is Your Flashing Failing You? Call In Our Experts To Take a Look

Leaks in your chimney can lead to a long list of other problems, all of which eat up your time, money, and patience. And when these leaks start spreading to the rest of your home? Well, then some repairs need to be made – and fast.

If you’ve noticed staining on your ceilings, walls, or even on the face of the fireplace itself, it’s likely your flashing is in need of some quality control.

Chimney Flashing

What Is Chimney Flashing? What Does It Do?

Flashing serves as a primary point of defense against water penetration, sitting over the area where the roofing materials meet the base of your chimney. This spot is especially vulnerable, as both the roof and the chimney expand and contract at different rates.

Chimney flashing is made up of two layers: step flashing and counter-flashing.


Step flashing is what keeps moisture from getting between your roof and chimney, and it prevents water from running down the surface of the chimney and into your attic


Counter-flashing is the layer used to keep water from getting behind the step flashing, and it gives the flashing a nice finished look. Properly installed counter-flashing should be embedded into the mortar joints – not simply stuck to the chimney’s face.

Believe it or not, it’s not uncommon for us to come across jobs where step flashing wasn’t installed. This can cause major water problems and serves as a good reminder that annual inspections are a vital part of chimney maintenance – as is finding a company you can fully trust.

How Do I Know if My Flashing Is Damaged?

Like we said, oftentimes flashing is the culprit behind your leaky chimney, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, homeowners waste tons of money every year on flashing repairs that aren’t actually needed.

That’s why, before you jump to any conclusions, we recommend letting our team complete a water test. During these, we’ll verify that both layers of chimney flashing have been applied, make sure all areas are properly embedded into the mortar joints, then perform a water test (if needed) to guarantee you have that water-tight seal you need.

chimney flashing

Don’t Call a Roofer – Leave Flashing Repairs to Us

Because of its placement on your roof, many assume that flashing repairs are for roofers to handle, when they are actually a chimney matter.

Schedule with us today, so one of our experts can determine where your system stands. Call 317-643-1128 or start booking your appointment online now.


Your chimney leak repair may be as straightforward as having us install a new chimney cap. Ask us for more information.