We Can Handle Your Masonry Repairs – Big or Small

Broken bricks. Cracked stonework. Missing mortar joints. All of these are common issues our customers face, but it’s nothing our techs can’t handle. Whether you need a minor repair, a more extensive rebuild, or just something cosmetic modified or added, we’re the team to trust for all of your masonry-related needs.

man doing brick repair

What Can We Do?

Some of the repairs we handle include:


Brick repair

Brick replacement


Brick wall repair
Brick cleaning
Firebox repairs
…and more!

We Value Quality Workmanship & Superior Results

Here’s the thing with masonry repairs and builds. If they’re not done just right, not only will the results not look as good, but they won’t last as long either.

Take tuckpointing for example. If we’re tuckpointing a chimney that was built decades ago, it’s going to take knowledge, time, and training to ensure we match the new mortar to the old – both in color and makeup.

That’s why we always strive for results that are both beautiful and able to withstand the test of time. After any job, we ask ourselves, “Would we put our name on this?” If the answer is no, then the project isn’t finished and it’s back to work until we get it just right.

We’ve learned the only way we can truly provide you with excellence is if we first demand it of ourselves.

Work With Our Highly-Rated Team

Why do homeowners throughout Indianapolis trust in us? Because we work with care and dedication, and we put our customers’ needs first. Questions? Our easy-to-understand explanations of your masonry needs will remove your worries, giving you confidence that the job will get done right.

Now’s the time. Pick up the phone and reach out to our 5-star rated masons. Call 317-643-1128 or request your service online today.


Leaky chimney repairs are high on our list of critical chimney and fireplace repairs. Don’t put off giving us a call.