If you’ve recently had a roofing or chimney project underway, you may have heard a reference to your chimney flashing. Acting as part of your roofing system to keep your home dry and comfortable, the chimney flashing on your Indianapolis home is an important part of your home’s moisture barrier. Here’s a quick look at what it is, why it’s important, and what to do with it.

Chimney Flashing 101: All the Basics to Get You Started

What is Chimney Flashing?

At the point where your roof meets an obstacle that protrudes through the roof, flashing is installed to prevent water from entering your home at this weak point. It can be constructed from steel, aluminum, copper, or vinyl, though the latter is typically only seen in warmer climates.

How is Chimney Flashing Installed?

Where your chimney joins the roof, step flashing is the first layer, placed under your shingles and bend upwards to rest against the chimney’s exterior surface, then sealed. Above this is counter flashing, which is bent downwards from its installation point in your chimney’s mortar joints to cover and seal the top of the step flashing. In chimneys that are more than 30” wide, saddle flashing should be installed to create a peak where snow and water can run off instead of building up on your roof behind the chimney.

Why is Chimney Flashing Important?

If you have leaks around your chimney, it can cause significant weathering, freeze-and-thaw damage, and moisture damage to your home. This can eventually lead to failure in your chimney’s structural integrity, causing it to fall. For that reason, it’s vitally important that your chimney flashing remains in good condition.

How can I Fix My Chimney Flashing?

Though you could try to fix your chimney flashing, there are a range of factors to take into consideration. These include local building codes, fire safety requirements, being able to work safely at a height, and similar issues. For this reason, we recommend leaving chimney flashing repair to the professionals. 

By understanding how important your chimney flashing is in keeping your home and chimney dry and working effectively, you can better troubleshoot any issues that may come up with it. If you have concerns about the integrity of your chimney flashing, or need chimney flashing installation for your Indianapolis home, the experienced professionals at Clean Sweep 317 are ready to help. Please feel free to reach out to our friendly team today with any questions or to schedule a consultation.