When “Patching” is not an option for broken Fireplaces

Are you noticing some cracked or loose brick around your home?  Situations like these make it easy for water damage to spread. If enough water enters, expensive repairs will follow.  But when damage is caught early on, a more affordable approach may be an option.

When a rebuild is not needed, brick replacement is the next best option.  This process includes cutting out the damaged brick, allowing minimal disturbance to the surrounding masonry, followed by a clean install of a new matching unit.  Depending on your needs, other economic forms of brick repair may include waterproofing or chemical cleaning.

Quality Work

We value quality.  That means taking the time to find a brick and mortar match that blends seamlessly with your existing wall or chimney.  While other contractors may offer you patching or caulking alternatives, we focus on providing you with a repair that will last.  Stay away from repairs that hide damage with skim coating or patching techniques.  These methods will fail quickly, robbing you of time and money.

Customer Education. Deal With Clean Sweep With Confidence

We value educating our customers.  So while the needs of your brick may seem overwhelming, Clean Sweep 317 eliminates worry by taking the time to educate you.  Our simplified explanations of your masonry needs will eliminate fears and replace them with confidence.

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