Chase Covers

Where concrete crowns fail, chase covers dominate. Chase covers are the perfect substitute for a concrete crown. It won’t crack, chip, spall, or deteriorate which eliminates the need for preventative maintenance and establishes peace of mind. It serves the same purpose of a concrete crown, it’s just better!

We believe in the performance of a stainless steel chase cover. In fact, we think every chimney should be equipped with one. Our chase covers come with a lifetime warranty and can be installed on masonry, wood or factory-built chimneys.

Not all chase covers are made from stainless steel. This can lead to big problems. Many homes built in the 90’s and early 2000’s were equipped with chase covers made from galvanized steel. Although cost effective, the consequences can be substantial.

The Design

Our chase covers are more than a sheet of metal. There is a science behind their impressive performance. All our covers are made using 24 gauge stainless steel and are equipped with a drip edge and cross-braces. Unlike galvanized steel covers, the stainless steel design prevents the cover from rusting. The drip edge and cross-braces work together to shed water away from the chimney and prevent ice from settling on top. The end result is a clean sharp look especially when accompanied with a stainless steel rain cap.


While we believe you can’t go wrong with the look of stainless steel, there are other options for our more artistic customers. Our chase covers can be made from copper or powder coated to match a featured color on the home (such as gutters, window shutters, or doors). Powder coating is the best way to change the look of a chase cover. It’s durable, looks amazing, and adds an extra layer of protection.

Precision Install

Your chimney is unique in shape and size. There is no “one size fits all”. You can count on your chase cover to be custom manufactured to fit your chimney with perfection.

We value quality.  That means providing you with a product you pay for once and never have to revisit.  Some companies will try to avoid this approach by selling you a cover made from galvanized metal. We cannot stress enough the importance of going with stainless steel. We’ve seen galvanized covers rust within a year’s time. Why not invest once in stainless steel and receive a lifetime warranty?

Now, allow our FIVE STAR rated team of chimney experts the opportunity to serve you today and see why we are the highest rated chimney restoration company in the Midwest!

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