Though we tend to think of chimneys as permanent parts of our homes, they still require regular maintenance and occasional repair to function properly. In some cases, if there’s damage to your chimney’s liner, you may need to have your chimney relined. But what is it, how does it work, and how does chimney relining protect your Indianapolis home?

Does Your Chimney Need to be Relined?

Appearing to be constructed of brick or other masonry, chimneys typically have at least a couple of layers. The chimney lining, which is the inside part of the chimney, is typically made of a clay or cement lining, ceramic tubes, or metal ductwork that is installed within the chimney. It’s an important part of the overall structure, even though it’s rarely seen or noticed.

The chimney liner helps to keep your chimney operating smoothly. It provides a smooth channel for smoke and cinders to float up, creating a draft that keeps your fire burning efficiently, as fresh air is pulled into the structure by the slight vacuum created by the smoke leaving the chimney. If it isn’t working, you can end up with issues in heating and venting, including dangerous carbon monoxide buildup in your home or business.

But what can lead to a chimney needing to be relined? Though it’s more common in metal chimney liners, rust is a big culprit. Beyond rusting through the lining, it can also cause damage to your mortar and flue tiles. It can show up from other sources beyond a metal liner, however, including a rusting chimney cap and a rusting damper.

Cracks or damage can happen from uneven settling, damage to the chimney structure from a falling tree or limb, or a chimney fire. It can also happen as mortar between your bricks age, allowing moisture to settle between joints, causing damage. These situations can leave your home susceptible to a fire if the chimney is used without repair.

Chimney relining is a process that helps improve your chimney’s draft, safety, and overall functionality. If you’ve noticed that your chimney is having issues with drafting properly, it could be a sign that you need chimney relining for your Indianapolis home. The professionals at Clean Sweep 317 in Indianapolis have the chimney relining and repair expertise to take care of any of these issues, and are happy to help. Please feel free to contact us today to schedule an appointment!