Chimney Safety Inspection

What is a chimney inspection & why are they so important?

There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere and enjoyment that comes with a fireplace on a cold winter day. But there’s always that lurking question rolling around in the back of your mind before lighting it for the first time. “Is this thing safe to burn?” How is someone supposed to know? Well, that’s where the proper chimney inspection comes in.

At Clean Sweep 317, we cannot over emphasize the importance of having your fireplace and chimney inspected before use. You wouldn’t believe all the scary things we’ve come across. And chances are, your fireplace probably has at least one safety concern. A good inspection should inform you of fire hazards, water damage, items to monitor and leave you with a report to reference. Just think about this, you are burning a fire IN YOUR HOME! That statement alone should make us all think, “I should probably have my fireplace checked out before burning.”

But here’s the thing, NOT ALL INSPECTIONS ARE CREATED EQUAL. There are different levels of chimney inspections and “spin-offs” out there to choose from. Unless you’ve been properly educated, you can find yourself persuaded to have some company perform a service that leaves you no better off than you started. This is why it is critical to work with a chimney sweep that is transparent about the type of inspection service you’re receiving and what exactly it includes. We’d like to think our chimney safety inspection service has helped save a lot of homes and lives.

So there’s different types of chimney inspections?

That’s right! Which means scheduling the right inspection is REALLY important for your safety. Here is a brief list of some of the different options you’ll come across:

  • Level 1 Inspection
  • Level 2 Inspection
  • Level 3 Inspection
  • Exterior Consult
  • “Free Estimate”

A Common Misunderstanding

Lets start with the last option on the list above, the “free estimate”. Please know, that an “estimate” in NOT an inspection. Your fireplace and chimney is a complicated system made up of hundreds of different parts and components that all make it work OR not work. In order to identify what is or is not working, TIME must be invested thoroughly inspecting your chimney. Only a Level 2 Inspection can provide you with the information and insight needed to determine what actually requires estimated for repair.

If safety is what you’re going for, please don’t fall for the “free estimate” pitch. This will leave you with incomplete information. Even worse, you may end up spending money only later to find out that you’re no better off than before. Pay for the right inspection.

How do I know what chimney inspection to choose?

I’m so glad you asked. Here’s a phrase that serves as a good rule of thumb…

“Don’t know what to do? Choose the Level 2!”

This is where you should give our office a call. Our customer service representatives will listen to your concerns and guide you to exactly the service you need.

Our top priority is your safety. No fireplace is “above” inspecting to ensure you and your family are kept safe. Don’t hesitate to ask questions when you call. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and are well educated. So call 317-643-1128 to reach us by phone, or click here to submit your request online.

We are looking forward to serving you!

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