Though it’s common to think of your chimney as a strong, permanent part of your home, chimney restoration is an eventuality for almost any home beyond a certain age. This is partially due to the march of time, but new technologies and changes in the home’s appearance can also lead to the need for a chimney restoration contractor. Indianapolis homeowners should be aware of what goes into the restoration process and the signs that they need to have it done.

The Art of Chimney Restoration: Restoring Beauty and Functionality


The primary reason many people have their chimney restored is to improve safety and performance. A poor-performing fireplace won’t generate as much heat, and can lead to safety issues, such as a creosote chimney fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. It can also cause draft issues, reducing the efficiency with which smoke leaves your home.

Technological advancements are another reason for restoration, whether it’s because a new fireplace is being installed and needs an appropriate outlet or because age has caused the chimney to begin to crack and fail, causing it to draft poorly. Adding a blower system to your fireplace allows you to retain more heat from your fire and improve heating efficiency, while a lining reduces the chance of a chimney fire due to creosote buildup, making maintenance easier.

As chimneys age, you may see issues with mortar failing and water leaking into your home. This is often caused by the freeze-thaw cycle that can cause damage to both the outside and the inside of your chimney as bits of brick and mortar fall off, eventually leading to the overall failure of the chimney system. This also impacts your chimney’s appearance, making it look aged and worn instead of a beautiful part of your home’s architectural charm.

Understanding why chimney restoration for your Indianapolis home is necessary is a vital part of keeping your home operating efficiently and effectively, and can help improve your home’s overall performance and comfort during cold, snowy Indiana winters. If you have concerns about your chimney, please feel free to reach out to the seasoned professionals at Clean Sweep 317 today.