Corbeled or Damaged Chimney Smoke Chamber? We Can Parge It Smooth

Ensure your fireplace and chimney are working safer and more efficiently (and up to code) by investing in chimney smoke chamber parging services from our team of trained, experienced, and certified experts.

What Does “Parging” Mean?

Parging means to cover something up (typically some type of masonry wall), giving it a smoother surface in the process. Essentially, you’re taking something rough, bumpy, and/or broken, and giving it new life as something smoother and more streamlined.

How does this apply to your chimney’s smoke chamber? Well, most were built with a stair-step design, which can hinder draft and airflow, while creating other hazards in the process. Parging your smoke chamber means smoothing it over with mortar to create a flat, even surface.

parged smoke chamber

Why Invest in Smoke Chamber Parging?

Unfortunately, because the smoke chamber is hidden away and out of sight, most people put this service off, not realizing their system could be facing risks and inefficiency because of it. So, what does a homeowner have to gain from having their smoke chamber parged smooth?

  • Parging gives smoke and fumes an easier path up to your chimney, thus improving efficiency.
  • Corbeled designs encourage smoke to get caught up, which can result in backdrafting and increased buildup.
  • A smooth smoke chamber is easier to clean and maintain than one with bumps and ridges.
  • Parging services offer an effective way to repair cracks, gaps, and other damages or imperfections.
  • Less creosote forms in a smooth smoke chamber, since smoke isn’t getting trapped and lingering – which then decreases your risk of chimney fires.
  • Most building codes nowadays actually require a smoke chamber be parged. Getting it done now could save you some time and stress come time to move.

Our Sweeps Are Here to Help

No matter what you’re dealing with, whether it’s smoke chamber issues, a faulty liner, a broken down crown, a missing chimney cap, or something else, we’re here to help.

Not sure what’s wrong? Get your chimney inspection booked, and we’d be happy to look things over.

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