Smoky Fireplace? Call Our Indianapolis Team for Chimney Venting​ Troubleshooting

Good airflow in your chimney is vital for a number of reasons. First of all, it guarantees no smoke or other harmful fumes are entering your household. Not only does this affect the ambiance of your space, but it can trigger some health issues too, especially for those with existing respiratory struggles, like asthma or allergies.

But poor chimney draft also affects the overall efficiency of your system. Even if smoke isn’t piling into your living space, this doesn’t mean it’s flowing as swiftly as it should be. And, as it lingers, it can trigger other issues, like creosote buildup and chimney masonry deterioration.

Long story short – you won’t get the efficiency (or heat output) you deserve if ventilation issues are present.

What Causes Chimney Drafting Issues?

There are actually lots of things that can cause a fireplace and chimney to experience trouble with airflow. Here are some of the issues we’ve resolved in the past.

  • Clogs & Buildup: A big reason homeowners face draft and chimney venting issues in Indianapolis is due to buildup in the flue – whether that’s creosote, leaves, animal nesting materials, or something else. This is why getting chimney inspections and flue sweepings booked on a regular basis is so vital.
  • Tight Home: Homes nowadays are being built tighter than ever to help avoid heat loss. While this is great for energy bills, it can create some problems when it comes to fireplace drafts since make-up air isn’t as readily available.
  • Incorrect Chimney Height: Another cause of poor airflow is incorrect chimney height. In these cases, a rebuild may be in order. Fortunately, our expert Indianapolis chimney venting crew can handle it.
  • Corbeled Smoke Chamber: If your smoke chamber isn’t parged smooth, smoke will have a harder time traveling through it to the chimney. All those bumps and ridges can hinder airflow and even trigger some backdrafting.
  • Unseasoned Wood: What type of wood are you burning? If you’re burning logs with too much water, more smoke is bound to accumulate. Use only wood that has been properly seasoned.
  • Cold Flue: A chimney flue that’s filled with cold air tends to push back on your smoke when fires are first lit. Try holding a lighted newspaper in the chimney for a bit ahead of time to reverse airflow. Or keep the chimney warmer all the time by investing in a top-sealing damper.

Is Your Chimney Damper Open?

Now, some of these can be resolved by the homeowner. For instance, we always encourage our customers to check their damper before giving us a call. If you simply forgot to open it, that’s an easy fix!

Along with this, things like using only seasoned wood, warming your flue before lighting a fire, or even opening a window to invite in some make-up air, can all provide solutions to your drafting problems.

But if you’ve tried it all and still have issues? Well, then it’s time to call in our crew.

We Can Help

Not only can we find the root cause of your chimney drafting issues, our chimney venting techs in Indianapolis can provide effective ways to resolve them. Our chimney repair services are exhaustive, covering your system from the top of the cap all the way down to the firebox floor. No matter the problem, we’re sure we can fix it.

Call now at 317-643-1128 or conveniently request an appointment online for fireplace exhaust vent chimney services in Indianapolis – we’ll speak with you soon.


Sometimes, chimney repairs can be extensive. That’s when you can rely on our chimney rebuild, new construction, and chimney venting experience in Indianapolis.