Count on Us for Prefab Fireplace Repairs in Indianapolis

Prefabricated fireplaces have lots of advantages (like being more affordable and quicker to install), but they shouldn’t be expected to last as long as their masonry counterparts. While a masonry chimney can last well over 100 years with regular upkeep, a prefabricated (or factory built) chimney will eventually need to be replaced.

The good news is that replacement is only needed every two to three decades – as long as you invest in regular professional chimney and fireplace maintenance throughout its lifespan.

Call On Our Professional Problem Solvers

If your prefab chimney or fireplace is showing signs of rust, cracking, and wear and tear, our techs can help. Whether it needs a new chase cover or chimney cap, some minor fixes, or something else, our Indianapolis prefab fireplace and chimney repair team has the experience and knowledge to get the job done right.

Or, if your system is on the older side, and you aren’t sure what services it may need, schedule a chimney inspection. Our prefab chimney and fireplace repair team in Indianapolis can look things over and determine whether you need a repair, some new parts, or just an entire unit replacement.

Need New Fireplace Refractory Panels in Indianapolis?

Refractory panels are what make up the walls of your prefab system’s firebox, and they take  a lot of heat and wear and tear. Sometimes cracks can form in these panels due to the constant heating and cooling of your fireplace, and sometimes they become damaged from logs that were carelessly tossed in.

Regardless of the problem, they’ll have to be fixed – and soon. By continuing to put your fireplace to use after noting damaged refractory panels, you could face serious issues, like further damage and warping to the area, house fires if the heat transfers out of the firebox, a serious lack of efficiency, further chimney damages, and more.

If you can fit even something as thin as a credit card between the cracks of your refractory panels, it’s time to get them replaced. Call in our experts Indianapolis refractory panel repair and replacement experts right away so we can get you where you need to be.

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We can take care of your water heater and furnace flue venting too. It’s all part of our chimney and fireplace repair services.