Looking for Reliable Protection for Your Chimney? Ask About a Stainless Steel Chase Cover

Where concrete crowns fail, chase covers dominate. Chase covers are the perfect substitute for a concrete crown and won’t crack, chip, spall, or deteriorate over time.

Chase Cover

Why Our Covers Are Superior

Our chase covers are more than a sheet of metal. They’re made using 24-gauge stainless steel and each one is equipped with a drip edge and cross-braces. Why is this preferred?


Unlike galvanized steel covers, the stainless steel design prevents the cover from rusting and corroding.


The drip edge and cross-braces work together to shed water away from the chimney and prevent ice from settling on top.


Stainless steel is long-lasting. Stock covers are known to wear down fast, but not the models we install.


You can count on your chase cover to be custom manufactured to fit your chimney with perfection. “One-size-fits-all” covers aren’t an option with us.


The end result is a clean, sharp look – especially when accompanied by a stainless steel chimney cap.

We’ve Got Options

Stainless steel is a fairly popular option that offers a solid, streamlined look and feel, but hey – that’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for a little more color or flair, our chase covers also come in copper or can be powder coated to match a featured color on the home (such as gutters, window shutters, or doors).

Powder coating is the best way to change the look of a chase cover. It’s durable, looks amazing, and even adds an extra layer of protection against the elements

Factory Built Chase Cover

We Install Your Cover With Care & Precision

If there’s one thing to know about us it’s that we value quality. That means selling you a product that you can pay for once, then not have to think about again.

Some companies try to avoid this approach by selling you a cover made from galvanized metal. Which is great for them. Shortly down the road you’ll be calling their techs to install a whole new part – and probably address some damage while they’re at it. (Cha-ching!) In fact, we’ve seen galvanized covers rust within just a year, leaving the entire chimney vulnerable.

Not us. We cannot stress enough the importance of going with stainless steel. Why? Because it’s the best for our customers. It’s that simple.

We’d Love the Opportunity to Serve You

Book with us once, and we guarantee you won’t turn to another crew again. Our reliable experts are trained, educated, experienced, and eager to bring you the best care around.

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One of the solutions to leaky chimney problems is getting a chimney crown repair or replacement. We can let you know if this is the right solution for you.