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Did you know that every time you burn wood in your fireplace, a dangerous material called creosote slowly builds up in your chimney? Creosote is very flammable, and given the right conditions, it could ignite, causing a chimney fire and spreading flames and heat all throughout your flue.

Despite your chimney’s reputation for being strong and sturdy, it’s not actually designed to withstand direct contact with fire. Chimney fires cause a lot of damage, leaving you vulnerable to experiencing gas leaks, smoke in your home, and even house fires every time you use your fireplace.

That’s why booking annual inspections and regular chimney sweepings is an imperative part of maintaining your chimney system. For chimney cleaning sweep services in Indianapolis, Fishers, or Zionsville, and all of their surrounding communities, book with us.

Chimney Sweeping
Chimney Sweeping
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What to Expect From Us

What can you expect from our experts when we come for your sweeping appointment?

  • A technician will give you a courtesy call 30 minutes before arriving at your home.
  • Our techs will arrive on time, in uniform, and with a friendly greeting.
  • When entering your home in Indianapolis, our chimney cleaning sweeps put on gloves and shoe covers, ensuring your home and property stay clean and protected.
  • We’ll perform an initial examination of your firebox and the workspace.
  • We’ll tarp off the area and relocate any furniture or fragile items that might be at risk of getting bumped, dirtied, or damaged.
  • Once the sweep is complete, you’ll receive clear communication on the results of the sweep.
  • We’ll perform a rooftop inspection of the chimney.
  • We’ll follow up with answers to your questions, as well as any other educational information you need to use your system as efficiently and safely as possible.
  • If applicable, our chimney cleaning sweeps in Indianapolis provide you with an estimate for any suggested repair or follow-up work.

What Are Chimney Fires? What Damage Can They Cause?

Chimney fires are typically slow-moving fires that move through your flue, damaging your brickwork, warping your metal components, and making your system unfit for use.

The scary part about chimney fires is they usually occur so quietly that the homeowner isn’t even aware of it. Which means, you could be using a damaged chimney, totally unaware you’re facing some serious risks while doing so! Your structure will be weakened significantly, meaning you’ll have a much higher chance of smoke, heat, flames, and toxic gases entering your home – definitely something you want to avoid.

We get it. It’s easy to get caught up in the ambiance of your fireplace and forget that there’s a literal fire burning inside of your home. But when it comes to the safety of your home and family, keeping your system on a schedule for regular maintenance and chimney fire prevention services in Indianapolis is imperative.

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We provide all kinds of chimney and fireplace repairs if that is part of the chimney service you need, so call on us today.