Fireplace Insert Installation: Trust Our Certified Chimney Techs Today

We’ve installed a range of fireplace inserts throughout Indianapolis, ensuring homeowners are left with an appliance that works efficiently and looks great. Whether you’re converting fuels, are aiming to get more heat, or just want an improved look and feel, we’re certain we can find a system that meets your needs. Give our experts a call today to get started.

Pros of Fireplace Inserts


They offer more heat.

They work more efficiently.

They make fuel conversions easier.

They help reduce waste.
They look great and are easily customizable.
They’re a more eco-friendly option.
Are you ready to make the switch? Please reach out – we’d love to set you up with an improved system soon.

Professional Fireplace Installation Is a Must

When it comes to installing any new fireplace system, trusting a professional for the job is vital. If things aren’t done just right, your risk of experiencing gas leaks, fire hazards, and more will increase significantly, putting your entire household at risk.

Incorrect installation can also lead to inefficiency, and it will likely void your warranty too (this especially goes for the DIY fireplace installation attempts). In the end, you’ll likely need chimney repairs or modifications made anyway – and it’s going to cost you a lot to do so. Invest in correct, professional fireplace installation services from the very start to avoid further expense and hassle later on.

We Take Your Safety Seriously

We don’t skimp on care, we don’t cut corners, and we won’t try to scam you into buying products or services you don’t actually need. When you work with us – whether it’s for chimney and fireplace installations, masonry repairs, chimney sweepings, or something else – we always do things with your safety and satisfaction in mind.

Let’s get going – reach out to our techs at 317-643-1128 or request an appointment online today.


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