Indianapolis ​Chimney Crown Repair: Is Your Chimney Crown Built to Last?

Not all chimney crowns were built to withstand rain, bad weather, animal tampering, and more. And if this is the case for yours, it’s time to call in our Indianapolis chimney crown repair techs before damage spreads throughout your entire chimney.

Features of a Well-Built Chimney Crown

What does a reliable chimney crown look like?


Downward Slope: Chimney crowns should always be sloped downward to ensure water is directed down and away from the sides of the chimney. This also prevents water from pooling on top of the crown.


Overhanging Drip Edge: Without a drip edge, water will simply roll down the sides of the masonry structure. Because your brick and mortar are absorbent, this is something you want to avoid.


Built From Cement. Back in the day, creating crowns from basic mortar mixes was common practice. Unfortunately, these broke down fairly quickly. Now, professionals construct crowns from a reliable and durable Portland cement-based mix.


Thick Enough. Your crown might be thick, but is it thick enough? Its thinnest point should be at least two inches deep, otherwise it will be prone to damage and deterioration.

In addition to this, the components surrounding the chimney crown need to be situated correctly too. The liner tile should extend at least two inches above the top, and you’ll want a chimney cap appropriately fitted over top of it too.

That’s why trusting our professional Indianapolis chimney crown replacement and repair team to get it just right is imperative – both for the safety and function of the chimney flue system.

Consider Switching to a Chimney Chase Cover

While trading in a thick sheet of concrete for a seemingly thin piece of metal may not seem like a logical upgrade, we’re here to convince you otherwise. Our stainless steel chimney crown chase covers we install in Indianapolis look sleek and modern, and are designed to withstand all types of wear and tear, and come with a lifetime warranty when professionally fitted by our crew.

If you’re wanting protection you won’t have to stress about, this is the way to go. Call now with questions about any chimney crown repair for your Indianapolis home – we’d love to answer them!

Reach Out – Our Techs Are Here for You

From big jobs to quick fixes, we want to be there for you for all things fireplace and chimney. Give us a jingle at 317-643-1128 or get started now by requesting an appointment online. Our Indianapolis chimney crown repair and replacement team looks forward to speaking with you soon.


Whatever other steps you take to have us fix your leaky chimney, be sure to ask us to apply a water repellent for protection that lasts for years to come.