Our Indianapolis Chimney ​Water Repellent Products Offer Long-Lasting Protection to Your Masonry

If we asked you to compare a brick with any other object in the world, we’re guessing a sponge isn’t the first thing that’d come to your mind. Nonetheless, these two items are more alike than you’d think. And no, we’re not talking about that classic, boxy rectangular shape.

The fact is that, like a sponge, your brickwork can absorb quite a bit of water. Only, instead of ringing it out to avoid damage, the water will merely sit there, breaking things down, triggering mold growth, and causing discoloration. Because of this, investing in chimney water repellent for your Indianapolis home and having it professionally applied is a must.

Our products are vapor-permeable, long-lasting, and when applied by us, are guaranteed to keep your chimney better protected, no matter the weather outside. Book chimney waterproofing and sealing with our Indianapolis team today!

Your Chimney & the Freeze/Thaw Process

Here in the Indianapolis area, winters aren’t known for being mild. You can expect snow, you can expect ice, and you can expect plenty of days below freezing. Which makes the idea of a cozy fireplace that much more appealing – you just need to make sure your chimney is ready to stand strong through the worst of it.

One of the biggest worries comes in the form of the freeze/thaw process. This is when the water your brickwork has already absorbed freezes, expands, and causes the masonry to crack.

And while a few tiny cracks may not seem like a big deal, they can lead to a lot of damage. Once the ice melts, more water will now be able to work its way into these new cracks and crevices, which means next time temps drop even more damage will accrue.

In a part of the country where we experience temps rising above and below freezing multiple times a year (or even multiple times a day), this is a real concern.

Addressing Masonry Damage

Fortunately, when it comes to masonry damage, our chimney water repellent services in Indianapolis can both address it and take measures to prevent it from happening again down the line. We offer brick repair and replacement services, as well as tuckpointing, ensuring your brick and mortar look good as new in no time.

And once your masonry damages are fixed up? Then, we can offer chimney sealing and waterproofing measures for your Indianapolis home, to prevent leaks from recurring. And when it comes to your masonry, the most important of these is our water repellent application services.

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