Electric Fireplace Installation in Indianapolis:

Get a Great Experience Without the Chimney

Fireplaces are known for adding a lot to a home – value, aesthetics, warmth, etc. – but not everyone has the space or setup for one. Not to mention, once a fireplace is installed, a lot of maintenance is required afterward, like regular sweepings and inspections, masonry repair services, leak prevention, and more.

But when you invest in an electric fireplace installation for your Indianapolis home? Well, then you get the heat and ambiance of a fireplace, just without the work and stress involved. Ask our certified chimney technicians about your options today.

Electric Fireplace

Perks of Electric Fireplaces

So, there are the obvious perks of getting an electric fireplace installation in Indianapolis – no chimney required and being easy to operate – but they offer a lot more benefits you may not have considered as well.

  • No smoke, wood shavings, or ash. Electric fireplaces are completely mess-free, so you won’t be scooping up dirty ash piles, sweeping up pieces of wood, or dealing with smelly smoke entering your living space.
  • Many come with remotes. Want to be able to adjust heat and sometimes even flame color without having to get up off the couch? Many options come with a remote, so this won’t be a problem at all.
  • Enjoy flames without the heat. Want the ambiance of a fireplace even on the hottest summer day in Indianapolis? Electric fireplace installations allow you to turn on flames and heat separately, so you can enjoy the aesthetic without the heat.
  • Fewer safety risks. Electric heating options don’t produce creosote, carbon monoxide, or actual flames, so the risk of experiencing a major threat is lowered significantly. Many models are also safe to touch too, even when operating, so kids and pets can’t be burned.
  • They look great. Worried you won’t get a good ambiance from an electric fireplace? Not the case. They provide realistic-looking flames and come in a wide variety of size and style options. We’re certain you’ll find a system to love.

Explore Your Options With Us

Talk with us today about what kind of heating system would be best for your home. When it comes to fireplace installation services in the Indianapolis area, we’re the only team you should trust. Call 317-643-1128 or reach out through our website today.


Fireplace inserts are a great solution for more efficiency and better heat output, so ask us about the options we offer in Indianapolis, including remote controlled fireplaces.