Your home is one of the most important things you will ever own, and keeping your home safer and appropriately maintained is a continued investment that pays dividends over time. Not only is a home an investment in your financial future, it’s the place where family and friends gather, and rest is found. Clean Sweep 317 has been helping families in the Indianapolis area take better care of their homes since 2014. And one of the many services we offer the communities we serve is home masonry waterproofing.

Water damage is one of the most common and severe problems homeowners face. It can quickly – and often invisibly – cause structural damage that is expensive and time-consuming to fix. Waterproofing the masonry on your home is a valuable investment that will help you to prevent water damage down the line and keep the entire structure better maintained for the long haul.

The Dangers of Home Water Damage

view from under a roof canopy with rain falling off of itYour home is constantly being bombarded with outside elements that can harm it, like humidity, snow, wind, and, of course, rain. This means there is always a risk of water getting into places it shouldn’t. When it finds its way inside, water can cause many problems that are not only uncomfortable, but very costly.

One of the highest risk places on your home for leaks and water damage is the places where masonry acts as the main barrier. This is because bricks are porous, and any cracks and openings can easily collect water – which will then lead to further deterioration and make entire property more vulnerable in the process.

How to Spot Home Water Damage

Spotting water damage early is crucial in preventing further damage and reducing repair costs. Here are some things to watch for so that you can keep repair costs minimal.

  • Stains: If the masonry on your chimney or other parts of your home aren’t waterproofed, water can eventually make its way in. Stains on walls, ceilings, and floors can be a sign that water is making its way into places it shouldn’t. These stains are usually brownish in color and can form many different shapes depending on where and how they are entering the home.
  • Peeling Paint or Wallpaper: When moisture is trapped in between masonry and inner walls, it can cause paint and wallpaper to peel or bubble. These problem areas on your ceilings or walls can range in size from small to large.
  • Musty Smell: A musty odor is a common sign of water damage and mold growth. When water mixes with various chemicals found in materials like masonry it can create a damp and musty smell. 
  • Cracks in Walls or Foundation: Cracks in brick and mortar walls can indicate water damage and will weaken the structure of your home. Once water creates these cracks, they can rapidly deepen and increase in length.
  • Rusted Metal Components: Is your chimney cap or your chase cover showing signs of rust? Water could be pooling in places it shouldn’t, which means some repairs or replacement parts may be in order.

How Can I Waterproof the Masonry On My Home?

Waterproofing your brick and mortar is a large and important project that will strengthen your home and help create a valuable defense against the elements. Because of this, waterproofing the masonry on a home requires help from experienced professionals who have the expertise to ensure that the job is done correctly. 

Allowing Clean Sweep 317 to waterproof your home will provide you with many benefits including (but not limited to):

  • a masonry house with a green lawnExpertise: Our professionals at Clean Sweep 317 have the knowledge and training to assess your home’s unique needs. We can identify potential problem areas in your masonry and provide effective solutions to help prevent water damage.
  • Proper Equipment: We’re a part of the communities we love and serve, so your home is valuable to us too. We use the highest-quality materials and equipment to ensure that waterproofing your masonry is both effective and long-lasting. The products we use are professional-grade and designed specifically for the needs of your home.
  • Safety: Waterproofing can be a dangerous job, especially if it involves working on a roof or high up on a ladder. Our technicians have the safety equipment and training necessary to make sure that the job is done safely, efficiently, and effectively.
  • Quality Products: There are several types of waterproofing solutions available for brick and mortar structures. The best solution for your home will depend on the type of water damage you are experiencing and the location of the damage. Our purple-wearing technicians at Clean Sweep 317 are experts at knowing what solution is needed and where it should be applied in order for your home to be safe and dry.

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