Late August can continue to bring the heat, so you may still be thinking more about campfires and s’mores than your indoor fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate. Nonetheless, it’s not too soon to be making the appointments that will get your fireplace or wood stove ready for the burning season.

While it might not be at the forefront of your mind, scheduling your chimney sweeping is a crucial task for making sure your chimney and fireplace are at the ready when the fall chill settles in.

Book Your Chimney Sweep Early

Why act sooner than later when it comes to scheduling your yearly inspection and chimney sweep? There are a few key reasons.

Fall is a busy season for sweeps

brickwork on the side of a home covered in a cascade of orange and yellow leavesFall marks the beginning of the busiest season for professional chimney sweep technicians. As temperatures drop, homeowners start thinking about warming up their living spaces in earnest. The result is appointments for chimney sweepings and annual inspections filling up quickly.

By scheduling your chimney sweeping now, you’re more likely to beat the rush. A proactive approach secures your spot – and will likely give you more flexibility in terms of times and days too. Ensure you can light things up on that first cold day by getting your maintenance down now.

It gives us time to address concerns

When your trusted expert sweeps your chimney, hopefully you’ll get the all-clear to start enjoying fires for another season. But what if those expert eyes catch sight of something problematic? Scheduling your chimney sweeping now provides ample opportunity to address any potential chimney and fireplace repairs that may be needed.

There’s an important reason that the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) emphasizes that annual chimney inspections are a must: they help ensure the safe and optimal functioning of your chimney system. Ignorance of a problem doesn’t mean it’s not there – it only means it’ll have an opportunity to become a greater hazard or costlier problem before it finally comes to light!

Long story short, if your chimney technician identifies a problem, having it addressed sooner is always the better route. Waiting until the last minute or until you’re ready to start using your fireplace or home heating appliance can lead to inconvenience, higher repair costs, and even safety hazards. On the flip side, if you address them now, you should have ample time to have corrections completed before the temperatures fall.

? Your chimney will be ready when you are

The simple reality is that you want your fireplace or wood stove to be ready when you want to use it. Realizing that your chimney needs attention when the first cold snap hits is a bummer. By scheduling your inspection now – as well as your chimney sweeping, if it’s due – you’ll be well-prepared for the colder months ahead. 

You’ll want to enjoy the cozy ambiance of your fireplace or stove without any worries once the weather turns. Taking care of your routine maintenance in advance means you get to kick back, relax, and relish the warmth of your home without any rushing or fuss.

What’s the Big Deal About Chimney Inspections & Sweepings?

You get that staying on top of chimney inspections and sweepings puts you ahead of the game. But why exactly is this type of maintenance so important?

the top of a home with a chimney sticking out next to tree with orange leavesYour fireplace or stove is a glorious source of warmth and comfort. But like all home systems, it won’t work as it should endlessly without intervention. The byproducts of combustion – especially if combustion is incomplete because of damp or green firewood – can cause soot and creosote to build up in your chimney flue. Debris can also accumulate. If heat becomes extreme or an errant spark finds its way up your flue, the risk of chimney or other uncontained fires increases dramatically. Blockage in a chimney can also inhibit proper ventilation, which means gases or smoke can back up into your living space.

When your chimney is swept, our trained and National Fireplace Institute (NFI) certified technicians use brushes, rods, and other specialized equipment to access even the tricky-to-reach spots in your chimney system and get it cleared out from top to bottom.

If there are any signs of water damage, structural issues, or other potential damage, your technician will work to catch it early, preventing it from escalating into a costly or dangerous situation, all while preserving the integrity of your home and chimney. In short, frequent inspections and sweepings are the best way to promote the continued safe and efficient use of your chimney system.

Get Your Appointment on the Books – Call Today

By scheduling your chimney sweeping and inspection now, you’re taking a proactive step toward having a clear, efficient chimney system that’s readily at your service. This not only ensures a warm home and that lovely ambiance that lights up fall and winter evenings, but can also save you money and headache in the long run – and increase the lifespan of your chimney.

If you’re ready to schedule your inspection and or sweeping, give us a call or book with us online now. We have a strong commitment to serving our customers and putting their needs first, and we’d love to put our wide range of industry knowledge and professional service to work for you.